We all want to live healthily, but not everyone has an idea on how to make it happen. It would amaze you to know that people who have a good health have a higher chance of living longer than those whose health are poor.

One of the major challenges we face in ensuring the state of our health is the fact that we are very busy. This level of being occupied cuts across all spheres and ages.

Children are busy with school, adults are busy with work. So, people barely have time to run a good check on their health and ensure they are okay.

Below are some tips needed to live healthily:

Daily exercise: Not everyone takes this important, although we all have a vague idea on its importance. There are lots of benefits inherent in exercising ranging from having stronger bones, healthy hearts and a host of other merits. Hence, no matter how busy you are, it is important to take time out to exercise. It could be a minimum of 3 days a week.

Take more fruits and vegetables: This is one of the best decisions you can make that would inform profound nutrition. Taking fruits and vegetables boosts your immune system and prevents you from getting infections. Hence, it is more beneficial to take vegetables and fruits instead of taking snacks that are high in fat and sugary contents.

Reduce screen time: One of the reasons why we have less time to rest ourselves is because we spend more time on the screen. Even before we go to bed, we spend time in front of the screen, and this affects the quality of our sleep. Hence, as much as we can, it is essential to reduce screen time for a better health.

Drink more water: A lot of us do not take water. We would prefer to take sugary drinks and this affects our health in the long run. Water helps your food to digest properly and it aids in detoxification and other important health processes within the body.


Substance addiction is one of the two major forms of addiction alongside behavioral addiction. This is a form of addiction whereby an individual is hooked on the excessive usage of alcohol and drugs.

This usage results in an obsessive and compulsive disorder making it impossible for the individual to cope without these substances.

Recovering from substance addiction is not an easy process. As a matter of fact, it is not an expedition that can be self-handled, it can only be self-initiated. A good number of people who are addicted know they have a problem, but they are not willing to accept the fact that they are addicted.

Hence, this is the first problem that needs to be solved when considering recovery from substance addiction. Individuals must be willing to accept the fact that they are addicted and they need help.

Acknowledging that there is an addiction is in play is an integral step to redefining your lifestyle after addiction.

Usually, the individual who handles the part of acknowledgment is the counselor. He or she is a professional who is adept at handling cases devoid of any form of prejudice.

After meeting with the counselor, the next essential step is to go to a rehab. This phase of treatment is handled by seasoned and experts therapists with the input of counselors.

Usually, the therapists work with the results they get from the counselor and they use it to create a treatment schedule.

The treatment schedule is usually based on a personalized assessment and evaluation based on the data collected by the counselor.

In addition to this, recovery from substance addiction involves the input of an aftercare program. The essence of an aftercare program is to prevent an individual from going back to his or her addiction.

It should be known that the entire process of recovery does not involve the abrupt stoppage of substances. It also involves the overhaul of your body, mind and spirit. Anyone who recovers fully from substance addiction would have his or her life back on track in no time.